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A way of thinking about the quality that permeates the entire structure


ISO 9001 quality management system

Quality permeates our whole company structure


We think quality needs to be considered in our work even before manufacturing. Quality is not something that is externally imposed to our work, or something that comes after production to assess whether the work is well done or not. Quite the contrary. Each of our activities has been refined over the years so that any technical or operational non-compliance is detected and eliminated in increasingly reduced times.


This way of perceiving quality permeates the entire structure of the company and minimizes the criticalities that inevitably arise in our daily work.



Starting from the Customer's requests, Eurofix proposes the product that most accurately corresponds to the indicated specifications, even resorting, if necessary, to the creation of products according to the Customer's design.


The selected product is checked before delivery to ensure effective compliance with the requests. The Customer is eventually instructed on the correct usage procedures also by sending our personnel to the final production plants.



Post-sales assistance is one of our strengths and allows us to constantly improve the performance of our products through the suggestions that arise during the verification of applications.


Similarly, all front-office and back-office activities are also inspired by the same guidelines. Starting from the planning of internal management activities, also using systems for the periodic verification of procedures, Eurofix selects and monitors the activity of its suppliers and constantly checks the level of customer satisfaction through our CRM system. We really focus on the management of complaints and returns, and the constant refinement of internal informational procedures to unify and standardize the flow of documents - both inbound and outbound - as much as possible.



Our staff is trained and responsible for managing any critical issues that involve the activation of special emergency procedures.

ISO 9001 quality management system


The usage of a certified quality management system, as an effective tool to increase customer satisfaction and continuously improve processes, has been an objective that the Company Management has set since the company was founded.


We obtained this certification in December 2003 and we constantly maintained it, focusing on continuous improvement.


The collaboration relationship with leading customers in the automotive sector and the Company's desire to pursue ever more ambitious goals has led the Eurofix s.r.l. Management and motivated all employees to set the next important goal: obtaining certification according to the IATF standard (International Automotive Task Force) 16949: 2016.





Quality Policy Eurofix Srl

Quality Policy Eurofix Sp.zo.o

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