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About us


Eurofix is a highly specialized company with a strong expertise in the production of fixing solutions.


Our company’s dynamic and customer-focused expansion policy has led us to the creation of a very wide product range, which, due to our great level of attention to quality and innovation, grants the best application safety.


Due to our continuous investments in production, we offer our customers a complete range of products for quick fixing and we are able to develop and supply special design products.



Our manufacturing plant grants technical development and production capacity, even during the peak of production.


Our company operates under ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 Quality Management System.




Due to our strong experience in the field of shearing and cutting-bending, we design and build internally the equipment we use in our production plants.



Thanks to our investments and to the expertise of our staff, we are able to design and manufacture molds that can meet the high technical specifications of our products, granting our customers with the best possible finished or semi-finished products.



We also make use of IT systems and interface them them with the most innovative operating systems to verify our drawings and perfect them in the design phase.



Our machinery allows the construction of every type of mold. Our production line disposes of 15 complete lines for shearing and cutting-bending, with forces from 20 to 160 tons, assembly and finishing of fasteners and small parts and it guarantees high performance in terms of volume and quality of our products.

Lisi Automotive


Lisi Automotive is active in the field of fastening and assembling solutions of mechanical parts for the automotive industry.


We are a leading supplier and we directly supply the main European automobile manufacturers and the largest component manufacturers in the world.



Lisi Automotive is a subsidiary of the LISI group and it achieved a turnover of 385.8 million euros in 2008.


The size of the company allows it to combine innovation and quality.

All company members are involved in achieving excellence from sales, to manufacturing and post-sales services.


The company works in most European and Asian markets and is focused on customer service. We aim to:

• use an integrated production system to grant cost control, respect of manufacturing criteria and quality;

• share a culture of co-development;

• innovate to constantly stay ahead of the competition.


Some of our main direct customers are: AUDI, BMW, DAIMLER, FORD, GM, PSA, RENAULT-NISSAN and VW, as well as the main component manufacturers such as AUTOLIV, BOSCH, FAURECIA, TI Group and TRW.


Certified Corporate ISO TS / 16949, Lisi Automotive is the supplier of a complete range of solutions.



Eurofix Polska participates to 5th edition of Fastener Fair Poland in Krakow, the reference international fair for Central and Eastern Europe dedicated to the sector of fastening elements and technologies.

An important opportunity to present Eurofix products and solutions in a decisive scenario for the industry and manufacturing sectors, in a strategic position for production and outsourcing.








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